In the studio

with loyal companion Charlie

Elizabeth Langreiter’s unique mixed media aerial paintings are a delightful escape from reality into a playful and joyful world. 

Her art often evokes the viewer to experience happy flashbacks to a favourite time or place through a sophisticated combination of pattern, colour and interesting textures. Elizabeth’s paintings are now capturing the hearts of collectors all over the world.

 Driven by a passion to create and to spread a bit more joy in the world, Elizabeth calls on her inner child to recreate happy memories of long carefree days growing up in beautiful sunny Australia swimming, sunbaking and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.

 Her most popular paintings are created with little 3d people who are hand sculpted on the canvas with many layers of fine, intrinsic detail.  One delighted collector said upon discovering her art in Hong Kong that she “Felt happy and joyful immediately, like I were in the painting, full of sunshine, cooling off in the sea, feeling the gentle breeze on my face, with cheers and laughter all around”. “and “I feel like I am in a delicious Candy store” proclaimed  another delighted fan.

 Whilst Elizabeth comes from an artistic family and she was always encouraged to paint, she didn’t feel any desire to create until 2008 when a freak head injury suddenly ignited her previously undiscovered talent and led to an incredible passion and desire to paint.  Elizabeth was fearless in her approach to creating and quickly developed the confidence to continually experiment.  It was this love of experimentation has led to her truly unique style of art.  People are always saying they have never seen anything like her art before with a huge beaming smile on their face. 

2016 was the year Elizabeth was discovered by a panel of art experts including Ben Quilty and Roslyn Oxley to be selected as one of the top 100 emerging artists in Australia and invited to participate in The Other Art Fair Sydney. After a very successful show Elizabeth was offered a solo exhibition at The Milk Factory Gallery, Bowral. Elizabeth has been invited to exhibit six times with The Other Art Fair throughout Australia and was named one of the best sellers in March 2019.  Her paintings are now in collections in the USA, Austria, Canada, Croatia, UK, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, Slovakia, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.

 A career highlight was being invited to be the “Live Artist” at The World Congress of Accountants Gala Event in November 2018 at The Sydney International Convention Centre. Her role was to finish one of her iconic beach paintings in front of an audience of over 2500 people from all over the world.

At the World Congress of Accountants Gala Event

At the World Congress of Accountants Gala Event


In 2019 Elizabeth exhibited outside of Australia for the first time at the Asia Contemporary Art Show HK in March and the Affordable Art Fair HK in May, which caused great interest and excitement in Hong Kong. Following her success at these shows, Elizabeth was offered a solo exhibition” Summer is Here” at Jinsan Gallery in Seoul in August 2019 as her first exhibition in Korea and now has an exclusive Korean agent representing her in South Korea.

The remainder of 2019 now includes The Shanghai Art Fair September, Asia Contemporary Art Show 4-7 October, The Other Art Fair Sydney 24-27, The Affordable Art Fair Singapore 24-27 November and another solo exhibition at Jinsan Gallery Seoul in December.